22 March 2012 Laser 3-D measuring system and real-time visual feedback for teaching and correcting breathing
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We present a novel method for real-time 3-D body-shape measurement during breathing based on the laser multiple-line triangulation principle. The laser projector illuminates the measured surface with a pattern of 33 equally inclined light planes. Simultaneously, the camera records the distorted light pattern from a different viewpoint. The acquired images are transferred to a personal computer, where the 3-D surface reconstruction, shape analysis, and display are performed in real time. The measured surface displacements are displayed with a color palette, which enables visual feedback to the patient while breathing is being taught. The measuring range is approximately 400×600×500  mm in width, height, and depth, respectively, and the accuracy of the calibrated apparatus is ±0.7  mm. The system was evaluated by means of its capability to distinguish between different breathing patterns. The accuracy of the measured volumes of chest-wall deformation during breathing was verified using standard methods of volume measurements. The results show that the presented 3-D measuring system with visual feedback has great potential as a diagnostic and training assistance tool when monitoring and evaluating the breathing pattern, because it offers a simple and effective method of graphical communication with the patient.
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Klemen Povsic, Klemen Povsic, Janez Mozina, Janez Mozina, Matija Jezersek, Matija Jezersek, Matjaz Flezar, Matjaz Flezar, } "Laser 3-D measuring system and real-time visual feedback for teaching and correcting breathing," Journal of Biomedical Optics 17(3), 036004 (22 March 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.17.3.036004 . Submission:

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