3 May 2012 Photochemical internalization of bleomycin for glioma treatment
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We study the use of photochemical internalization (PCI) for enhancing chemotherapeutic response to malignant glioma cells in vitro. Two models are studied: monolayers consisting of F98 rat glioma cells and human glioma spheroids established from biopsy-derived glioma cells. In both cases, the cytotoxicity of aluminum phthalocyanine disulfonate (AlPcS2a)-based PCI of bleomycin was compared to AlPcS2a-photodynamic therapy (PDT) and chemotherapy alone. Monolayers and spheroids were incubated with AlPcS2a (PDT effect), bleomycin (chemotherapy effect), or AlPcS2a+bleomycin (PCI effect) and were illuminated (670 nm). Toxicity was evaluated using colony formation assays or spheroid growth kinetics. F98 cells in monolayer/spheroids were not particularly sensitive to the effects of low radiant exposure (1.5  J/cm2 @ 5  mW/cm2) AlPcS2a-PDT. Bleomycin was moderately toxic to F98 cells in monolayer at relatively low concentrations-incubation of F98 cells in 0.1  μg/ml for 4 h resulted in 80% survival, but less toxic in human glioma spheroids respectively. In both in vitro systems investigated, a significant PCI effect is seen. PCI using 1.5  J/cm2 together with 0.25  μg/ml bleomycin resulted in approximately 20% and 18% survival of F98 rat glioma cells and human glioma spheroids, respectively. These results show that AlPcS2a-mediated PCI can be used to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapeutic agents such as bleomycin in malignant gliomas.
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Marlon S. Mathews, Marlon S. Mathews, En-Chung Shih, En-Chung Shih, Genesis Zamora, Genesis Zamora, Chung-Ho Sun, Chung-Ho Sun, Henry Hirschberg, Henry Hirschberg, Joseph Blickenstaff, Joseph Blickenstaff, Van Vo, Van Vo, Steen J. Madsen, Steen J. Madsen, } "Photochemical internalization of bleomycin for glioma treatment," Journal of Biomedical Optics 17(5), 058001 (3 May 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.17.5.058001 . Submission:

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