14 June 2012 Detection of novel biomarkers for ovarian cancer with an optical nanotechnology detection system enabling label-free diagnostics
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Ovarian carcinoma has the highest lethality rate of gynecologic tumors, largely attributed to the late-stage diagnosis of the disease. Reliable tools for both accurate diagnosis and early detection of disease onset are lacking, and presently less than 20% of ovarian cancers are detected at an early stage. Protein biomarkers that allow the discrimination of early and late stages of ovarian serous carcinomas are urgently needed as they would enable monitoring pre-symptomatic aspects of the disease, disease progression, and the efficacy of intervention therapies. We compare the absolute and relative protein levels of six protein biomarkers for ovarian cancer in five different established ovarian cancer cell lines, utilizing both quantitative immunoblot analysis and a guided-mode resonance (GMR) bioassay detection system that utilizes a label-free optical biosensor readout. The GMR sensor approach provided highly accurate, consistent, and reproducible quantification of protein biomarkers as validated by quantitative immunoblotting, as well as enhanced sensitivity, and is therefore suitable for quantification and detection of novel biomarkers for ovarian cancer. We identified fibronectin, apolipoprotein A1, and TIMP3 as potential protein biomarkers for the differential diagnosis of primary versus metastatic ovarian carcinoma. Future studies are needed to confirm the suitability of protein biomarkers tested herein in patient samples.
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Simon Kaja, Simon Kaja, Jill D. Hilgenberg, Jill D. Hilgenberg, Julie L. Collins, Julie L. Collins, Anna A. Shah, Anna A. Shah, Peter Koulen, Peter Koulen, Debra D. Wawro, Debra D. Wawro, Shelby Zimmerman, Shelby Zimmerman, Robert Magnusson, Robert Magnusson, } "Detection of novel biomarkers for ovarian cancer with an optical nanotechnology detection system enabling label-free diagnostics," Journal of Biomedical Optics 17(8), 081412 (14 June 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.17.8.081412 . Submission:

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