14 October 2013 Method for rapid multidiameter single-fiber reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy through a fiber bundle
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We have recently demonstrated a means for quantifying the absorption and scattering properties of biological tissue through multidiameter single-fiber reflectance (MDSFR) spectroscopy. These measurements can be used to correct single-fiber fluorescence (SFF) spectra for the influence of optical properties, enabling quantification of intrinsic fluorescence. In our previous work, we have used a series of pinholes to show that selective illumination and light collection using a coherent fiber bundle can simulate a single solid-core optical fiber with variable diameter for the purposes of MDSFR spectroscopy. Here, we describe the construction and validation of a clinical MDSFR/SFF spectroscopy system that avoids the limitations encountered with pinholes and free-space optics. During one measurement, the new system acquires reflectance spectra at the effective diameters of 200, 600, and 1000 μm, and a fluorescence spectrum at an effective diameter of 1000 μm. From these spectra, we measure the absolute absorption coefficient, μ a , reduced scattering coefficient, μ ′ s , phase function parameter, γ , and intrinsic fluorescence, f a,x , across the measured spectrum. We validate the system using Intralipid- and polystyrene sphere-based scattering phantoms, with and without the addition of the absorber Evans Blue. Finally, we demonstrate the combined MDSFR/SFF of phantoms with varying concentrations of Intralipid and fluorescein, wherein the scattering properties are measured by MDSFR and used to correct the SFF spectrum for accurate quantification of f a,x .
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Christopher L. Hoy, Ute A. Gamm, Henricus J. C. M. Sterenborg, Dominic J. Robinson, Arjen Amelink, "Method for rapid multidiameter single-fiber reflectance and fluorescence spectroscopy through a fiber bundle," Journal of Biomedical Optics 18(10), 107005 (14 October 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.18.10.107005 . Submission:

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