5 November 2013 Procedure to diagnose onychomycosis through changes in emissivity on infrared images
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A noninvasive, quick, reliable, and relatively cheap procedure for the diagnosis of onychomycosis is put forward. It is known that a nail may show an abnormal appearance, although only 50% of all the nails having such an appearance may owe it to the presence of onychomycosis; hence, adequate diagnosis of nail disease is needed for appropriate prescription of medication and treatment of the nail. In order to contribute to the process of improvement in the diagnosis, a procedure based on the analysis of medium-range infrared images is presented in which it is possible to observe energy changes mostly due to the changes in emissivity of the nail. As a nail is more affected by onychomycosis, such changes become more intense. Also, it was found that a nail without onychomycosis has a lower temperature than toe skin, but has a higher emission of energy. Fifty percent of the ailments that may a cause a fingernail or toenail to have an abnormal appearance are not considered in the present work.
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Carlos Villaseñor-Mora, Carlos Villaseñor-Mora, Arturo González-Vega, Arturo González-Vega, Maria Eugenia Garay-Sevilla, Maria Eugenia Garay-Sevilla, José A. Padilla-Medina, José A. Padilla-Medina, Lauro I. Arteaga-Murillo, Lauro I. Arteaga-Murillo, } "Procedure to diagnose onychomycosis through changes in emissivity on infrared images," Journal of Biomedical Optics 18(11), 116005 (5 November 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.18.11.116005 . Submission:

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