21 February 2013 Combined studies of chemical composition of urine sediments and kidney stones by means of infrared microspectroscopy
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Results of the structural analysis of urinary sediments by means of infrared spectral microscopy are presented. The results are in good agreement with the results of standard optical microscopy in the case of single-component and crystalline urinary sediments. It is found that for noncrystalline or multicomponent sediments, the suggested spectroscopic method is superior to optical microscopy. The chemical structure of sediments of any molecular origin can be elucidated by this spectroscopic method. The method is sensitive enough to identify solid particles of drugs present in urine. Sulfamethoxazole and traces of other medicines are revealed in this study among the other sediments. We also show that a rather good correlation exists between the type of urinary sediments and the renal stones removed from the same patient. Spectroscopic studies of urinary stones and corresponding sediments from 76 patients suffering from renal stone disease reveal that in 73% of cases such correlation exists. This finding is a strong argument for the use of infrared spectral microscopy to prevent kidney stone disease because stones can be found in an early stage of formation by using the nonintrusive spectroscopic investigation of urinary sediments. Some medical recommendations concerning the overdosing of certain pharmaceuticals can also be derived from the spectroscopic studies of urinary sediments.
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Sandra Tamosaityte, Sandra Tamosaityte, Vaiva Hendrixson, Vaiva Hendrixson, Arunas Zelvys, Arunas Zelvys, Ramunas Tyla, Ramunas Tyla, Zita A. Kucinskiene, Zita A. Kucinskiene, Feliksas Jankevicius, Feliksas Jankevicius, Milda Pucetaite, Milda Pucetaite, Valerija Jablonskiene, Valerija Jablonskiene, Valdas Sablinskas, Valdas Sablinskas, } "Combined studies of chemical composition of urine sediments and kidney stones by means of infrared microspectroscopy," Journal of Biomedical Optics 18(2), 027011 (21 February 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.18.2.027011 . Submission:

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