6 March 2014 Stimulated penetrating keratoplasty using real-time virtual intraoperative surgical optical coherence tomography
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An intraoperative surgical microscope is an essential tool in a neuro- or ophthalmological surgical environment. Yet, it has an inherent limitation to classify subsurface information because it only provides the surface images. To compensate for and assist in this problem, combining the surgical microscope with optical coherence tomography (OCT) has been adapted. We developed a real-time virtual intraoperative surgical OCT (VISOCT) system by adapting a spectral-domain OCT scanner with a commercial surgical microscope. Thanks to our custom-made beam splitting and image display subsystems, the OCT images and microscopic images are simultaneously visualized through an ocular lens or the eyepiece of the microscope. This improvement helps surgeons to focus on the operation without distraction to view OCT images on another separate display. Moreover, displaying the OCT live images on the eyepiece helps surgeon’s depth perception during the surgeries. Finally, we successfully processed stimulated penetrating keratoplasty in live rabbits. We believe that these technical achievements are crucial to enhance the usability of the VISOCT system in a real surgical operating condition.
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Changho Lee, Changho Lee, Kyungun Kim, Kyungun Kim, Seunghoon Han, Seunghoon Han, Sehui Kim, Sehui Kim, Jun Hoon Lee, Jun Hoon Lee, Hong kyun Kim, Hong kyun Kim, Chulhong Kim, Chulhong Kim, Woonggyu Jung, Woonggyu Jung, Jeehyun Kim, Jeehyun Kim, } "Stimulated penetrating keratoplasty using real-time virtual intraoperative surgical optical coherence tomography," Journal of Biomedical Optics 19(3), 030502 (6 March 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.19.3.030502 . Submission:

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