5 March 2014 Real-time label-free detection of dividing cells by means of lensfree video-microscopy
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Quantification of cell proliferation and monitoring its kinetics are essential in fields of research such as developmental biology, oncology, etc. Although several proliferation assays exist, monitoring cell proliferation kinetics remains challenging. We present a novel cell proliferation assay based on real-time monitoring of cell culture inside a standard incubator using a lensfree video-microscope, combined with automated detection of single cell divisions over a population of several thousand cells. Since the method is based on direct visualization of dividing cells, it is label-free, continuous, and not sample destructive. Kinetics of cell proliferation can be monitored from a few hours to several days. We compare our method to a standard assay, the EdU proliferation assay, and as proof of principle, we demonstrate concentration-dependent and time-dependent effect of actinomycin D—a cell proliferation inhibitor.
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Srikanth V. Kesavan, Srikanth V. Kesavan, Fabrice P. Navarro Y Garcia, Fabrice P. Navarro Y Garcia, Mathilde Menneteau, Mathilde Menneteau, Frédérique Mittler, Frédérique Mittler, Brigitte David-Watine, Brigitte David-Watine, Nelly Dubrulle, Nelly Dubrulle, Spencer L. Shorte, Spencer L. Shorte, Bernard Chalmond, Bernard Chalmond, Jean-Marc Dinten, Jean-Marc Dinten, Cédric P. Allier, Cédric P. Allier, } "Real-time label-free detection of dividing cells by means of lensfree video-microscopy," Journal of Biomedical Optics 19(3), 036004 (5 March 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.19.3.036004 . Submission:

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