22 April 2015 Raman microspectroscopy of nanodiamond-induced structural changes in albumin
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Nanodiamonds (NDs) are promising agents for theranostic applications due to reported low toxicity and high biocompatibility, which is still being extensively tested on cellular, tissue, and organism levels. It is presumed that for experimental and future clinical applications, NDs will be administered into the organism via the blood circulation system. In this regard, the interaction of NDs with blood components needs to be thoroughly studied. We studied the interaction of carboxylated NDs (cNDs) with albumin, one of the major proteins of blood plasma. After 2-h long
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Anastasiya S. Svetlakova, Anastasiya S. Svetlakova, Nikolay N. Brandt, Nikolay N. Brandt, Alexander V. Priezzhev, Alexander V. Priezzhev, Andrey Y. Chikishev, Andrey Y. Chikishev, } "Raman microspectroscopy of nanodiamond-induced structural changes in albumin," Journal of Biomedical Optics 20(4), 047004 (22 April 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.20.4.047004 . Submission:

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