7 November 2016 Spinal needle force monitoring during lumbar puncture using fiber Bragg grating force device
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A technique for real-time dynamic monitoring of force experienced by a spinal needle during lumbar puncture using a fiber Bragg grating (FBG) sensor is presented. The proposed FBG force device (FBGFD) evaluates the compressive force on the spinal needle during lumbar puncture, particularly avoiding the bending effect on the needle. The working principle of the FBGFD is based on transduction of force experienced by the spinal needle into strain variations monitored by the FBG sensor. FBGFD facilitates external mounting of a spinal needle for its smooth insertion during lumbar puncture without any intervention. The developed FBGFD assists study and analysis of the force required for the spinal needle to penetrate various tissue layers from skin to the epidural space; this force is indicative of the varied resistance offered by different tissue layers for the spinal needle traversal. Calibration of FBGFD is performed on a micro-universal testing machine for 0 to 20 N range with an obtained resolution of 0.021 N. The experimental trials using spinal needles mounted on FBGFD are carried out on a human cadaver specimen with punctures made in the lumbar region from different directions. Distinct forces are recorded when the needle encounters skin, muscle tissue, and a bone in its traversing path. Real-time spinal needle force monitoring using FBGFD may reduce potentially serious complications during the lumbar puncture, such as overpuncturing of tissue regions, by impeding the spinal needle insertion at epidural space.
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Shikha Ambastha, Shikha Ambastha, Sharath Umesh, Sharath Umesh, Sundaresh Dabir, Sundaresh Dabir, Sundarrajan Asokan, Sundarrajan Asokan, } "Spinal needle force monitoring during lumbar puncture using fiber Bragg grating force device," Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(11), 117002 (7 November 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.21.11.117002 . Submission:

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