8 June 2016 Grueneisen relaxation photoacoustic microscopy in vivo
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Grueneisen relaxation photoacoustic microscopy (GR-PAM) can achieve optically defined axial resolution, but it has been limited to ex vivo demonstrations so far. Here, we present the first in vivo image of a mouse brain acquired with GR-PAM. To induce the GR effect, an intensity-modulated continuous-wave laser was employed to heat absorbing objects. In phantom experiments, an axial resolution of 12.5  μm was achieved, which is sixfold better than the value achieved by conventional optical-resolution PAM. This axial-resolution improvement was further demonstrated by imaging a mouse brain in vivo, where significantly narrower axial profiles of blood vessels were observed. The in vivo demonstration of GR-PAM shows the potential of this modality for label-free and high-resolution anatomical and functional imaging of biological tissues.
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Jun Ma, Jun Ma, Junhui Shi, Junhui Shi, Pengfei Hai, Pengfei Hai, Yong Zhou, Yong Zhou, Lihong V. Wang, Lihong V. Wang, } "Grueneisen relaxation photoacoustic microscopy in vivo," Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(6), 066005 (8 June 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.21.6.066005 . Submission:

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