6 July 2016 Raman-based noninvasive metabolic profile evaluation of in vitro bovine embryos
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The timing of the first embryonic cell divisions may predict the ability of an embryo to establish pregnancy. Similarly, metabolic profiles may be markers of embryonic viability. However, in bovine, data about the metabolomics profile of these embryos are still not available. In the present work, we describe Raman-based metabolomic profiles of culture media of bovine embryos with different developmental kinetics (fast x slow) throughout the in vitro culture. The principal component analysis enabled us to classify embryos with different developmental kinetics since they presented specific spectroscopic profiles for each evaluated time point. We noticed that bands at 1076  cm1 (lipids), 1300  cm1 (Amide III), and 2719  cm1 (DNA nitrogen bases) gave the most relevant spectral features, enabling the separation between fast and slow groups. Bands at 1001  cm1 (phenylalanine) and 2892  cm1 (methylene group of the polymethylene chain) presented specific patterns related to embryonic stage and can be considered as biomarkers of embryonic development by Raman spectroscopy. The culture media analysis by Raman spectroscopy proved to be a simple and sensitive technique that can be applied with high efficiency to characterize the profiles of in vitro produced bovine embryos with different development kinetics and different stages of development.
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Érika Cristina dos Santos, Érika Cristina dos Santos, Herculano S. da Silva Martinho, Herculano S. da Silva Martinho, Kelly Annes, Kelly Annes, Thais da Silva, Thais da Silva, Carlos Alexandre Soares, Carlos Alexandre Soares, Roberta Ferreira Leite, Roberta Ferreira Leite, Marcella Pecora Milazzotto, Marcella Pecora Milazzotto, } "Raman-based noninvasive metabolic profile evaluation of in vitro bovine embryos," Journal of Biomedical Optics 21(7), 075002 (6 July 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.21.7.075002 . Submission:

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