16 May 2017 Development and validation of a noncontact spectroscopic device for hemoglobin estimation at point-of-care
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Anemia severely and adversely affects human health and socioeconomic development. Measuring hemoglobin with the minimal involvement of human and financial resources has always been challenging. We describe a translational spectroscopic technique for noncontact hemoglobin measurement at low-resource point-of-care settings in human subjects, independent of their skin color, age, and sex, by measuring the optical spectrum of the blood flowing in the vascular bed of the bulbar conjunctiva. We developed software on the LabVIEW platform for automatic data acquisition and interpretation by nonexperts. The device is calibrated by comparing the differential absorbance of light of wavelength 576 and 600 nm with the clinical hemoglobin level of the subject. Our proposed method is consistent with the results obtained using the current gold standard, the automated hematology analyzer. The proposed noncontact optical device for hemoglobin estimation is highly efficient, inexpensive, feasible, and extremely useful in low-resource point-of-care settings. The device output correlates with the different degrees of anemia with absolute and trending accuracy similar to those of widely used invasive methods. Moreover, the device can instantaneously transmit the generated report to a medical expert through e-mail, text messaging, or mobile apps.
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Probir Kumar Sarkar, Probir Kumar Sarkar, Sanchari Pal, Sanchari Pal, Nabarun Polley, Nabarun Polley, Rajarshi Aich, Rajarshi Aich, Aniruddha Adhikari, Aniruddha Adhikari, Animesh Halder, Animesh Halder, Subhananda Chakrabarti, Subhananda Chakrabarti, Prantar Chakrabarti, Prantar Chakrabarti, Samir Kumar Pal, Samir Kumar Pal, } "Development and validation of a noncontact spectroscopic device for hemoglobin estimation at point-of-care," Journal of Biomedical Optics 22(5), 055006 (16 May 2017). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.22.5.055006 . Submission: Received: 16 January 2017; Accepted: 26 April 2017
Received: 16 January 2017; Accepted: 26 April 2017; Published: 16 May 2017

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