5 May 2017 No-core fiber-based highly sensitive optical fiber pH sensor
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The present work describes the fabrication and characterization of an optical fiber pH sensor using a sol–gel technique. The sensing head configuration is incorporated using a short section of no-core fiber, coated with tetraethyl orthosilicate and spliced at the end of a single mode fiber with a bulge. Different types of indicators (bromophenol blue, cresol red, and chlorophenol red) were used to achieve a wide pH range from 2 to 13. High sensitivities of the fabricated device were found to be 1.02 and 0.93    nm / pH for acidic and alkaline solutions, respectively. From the characterization results, it was noted that there is an impact of ionic strength and an effect of the temperature of liquid on the response characteristic, which is an advantage of the existing device over the other pH sensors. The fabricated sensor exhibited good reflection spectrum, indicating a blueshift in resonance wavelength for alkaline solutions and a redshift for acidic solutions.
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Vanita Bhardwaj, Vanita Bhardwaj, Akhilesh K. Pathak, Akhilesh K. Pathak, Vinod K. Singh, Vinod K. Singh, } "No-core fiber-based highly sensitive optical fiber pH sensor," Journal of Biomedical Optics 22(5), 057001 (5 May 2017). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JBO.22.5.057001 . Submission: Received: 19 January 2017; Accepted: 17 April 2017
Received: 19 January 2017; Accepted: 17 April 2017; Published: 5 May 2017

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