1 July 1999 Tetrapyrrolic glycosylated macrocycles for an application in PDT
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The synthesis and characterization of amphiphilic glycoconjugated porphyrins, benzochlorin, and azaporphyrins were reported. Among these molecules, several were found to be efficient photosensitizers in an in vitro assay using the human tumoral cell line HT29. Moreover, glycosylated benzochlorin and azaporphyrins, whose absorption bands in the red region of the visible spectrum are substantially increased as compared to porphyrins, display a good photocytotoxicity on tumor cells after irradiation with wavelength above 590 nm.
Michel Momenteau, Michel Momenteau, Philiippe Maillard, Philiippe Maillard, Marie-Anne De Belinay, Marie-Anne De Belinay, Daniele Carrez, Daniele Carrez, Alain F. Croisy, Alain F. Croisy, } "Tetrapyrrolic glycosylated macrocycles for an application in PDT," Journal of Biomedical Optics 4(3), (1 July 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.429932 . Submission:

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