1 October 1999 Compact laser Doppler choroidal flowmeter
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A compact instrument is described that allows the measurement of the laser Doppler flow parameters, i.e., the velocity, the volume, and flow of blood in the foveal region of the human choroidal vascular system. This new device uses the optical principle of confocality for the delivery of the laser light to the site of measurement and heterodyne detection of the Doppler frequency shifted scattered light. Power of the incident light (785 nm) at the cornea is 90 µW. Measurements were obtained in both eyes of a group of 21 normal volunteers without pupil dilatation. We determined the intrasubject reproducibility and the minimum statistically significant detectable changes in the flow parameters for a group of 21 eyes (one in each subject). Linear correlations were also established between the flow parameters in the right and left eyes.
Martial Henri Geiser, Martial Henri Geiser, Ulrich Diermann, Ulrich Diermann, Charles E. Riva, Charles E. Riva, } "Compact laser Doppler choroidal flowmeter," Journal of Biomedical Optics 4(4), (1 October 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.429960 . Submission:


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