1 April 1992 New transformation of control points in scaling discrete polygons
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A new mapping transformation method is presented to scale the control points of discrete polygons to locate the transformed coordinate of the control points as accurately as possible. In traditional methods, the area of the control point is regarded as zero and can be suitable only for scaling analog polygons (or a single polygon). By using our proposed technique, the ratio of black points to total points in resultant polygons can closely approach the original discrete polygons. Our technique eliminates the mapping distortion by taking into account the topology relation among the discrete polygons. We apply our technique to Chinese fonts, English fonts, and mathematical expression symbols, and we compare it to three other transformation techniques.
Kuang-Yao Chang, Kuang-Yao Chang, Gregory Y. Tang, Gregory Y. Tang, } "New transformation of control points in scaling discrete polygons," Journal of Electronic Imaging 1(2), (1 April 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.58700 . Submission:

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