1 April 1992 Visual programming system for development of image processing applications
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Visual programming using reusable software components and a dataflow model of computation is proposed as a method to reduce software development time and cost in the construction of image processing applications. A graphical editor is described that allows interactive definition of logical relationships among components of systems through direct manipulation of on-screen icons. This editor manages the syntax of datafiow graphs and catalogs of component parts while the semantics of the operation of these parts is provided by a separate postprocessor. The postprocessor includes a user extensible set of primitive (i.e., low-level) component parts for image processing from which more complex algorithms may be constructed. This environment provides a powerful visual programming system for rapid interactive development of machine vision algorithms and management of reusable image processing software. A case study describing construction of a medical image processing application is included.
Joseph W. Klingler, Lee T. Andrews, Clifton L. Vaughan, Bruce W. Weide, "Visual programming system for development of image processing applications," Journal of Electronic Imaging 1(2), (1 April 1992). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.58729 . Submission:

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