1 January 2001 Toward an image segmentation benchmark for evaluation of vision systems
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This paper is a contribution to a benchmark concept definition and it proposes a set of image segmentation algorithms which should be included in any benchmark for vision system. The proposed alagorithms allow us to predict, estimate, and quantify many image/vision system parameters such as data acquisition rate, local and global system communications, machine capability to support recursive processings, data reorganization, different programming/ implementation models, system scalability, etc. The proposed three algorithms calculate: multithreshold image connect component labeling, image region identification (through two complementary steps: isotropic seed region growing and pixel fusion), and data reorganization. Formalized algorithms, which can be implemented on different plate-forms (sequential, parallel, distributed) supporting different programming and implementation paradigms (models) are given. Machine performance analysis and quantification via matching coefficients are proposed as well.
Edwige E. Pissaloux, "Toward an image segmentation benchmark for evaluation of vision systems," Journal of Electronic Imaging 10(1), (1 January 2001). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.1316090


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