1 April 2006 Lossless compression of color palette images with one-dimensional techniques
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Palette images are widely used on the World Wide Web (WWW) and in game-cartridge applications. Many images used on the WWW are stored and transmitted after they are compressed losslessly with the standard graphics interchange format (GIF), or portable network graphics (PNG). Well-known 2-D compression schemes, such as JPEG-LS and JPEG-2000, fail to yield better compression than GIF or PNG due to the fact that the pixel values represent indices that point to color values in a look-up table. To improve the compression performance of JPEG-LS and JPEG-2000 techniques, several researchers have proposed various reindexing algorithms. We investigate various compression techniques for color palette images. We propose a new technique comprised of a traveling salesman problem (TSP)-based reindexing scheme, Burrows-Wheeler transformation, and inversion ranks. We show that the proposed technique yields better compression gain on average than all the other 1-D compressors and the reindexing schemes that utilize JPEG-LS or JPEG-2000.
Ziya Arnavut, Ferat Sahin, "Lossless compression of color palette images with one-dimensional techniques," Journal of Electronic Imaging 15(2), 023014 (1 April 2006). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.2194517


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