1 July 2008 Speed measurement of spherical objects using an off-the-shelf digital camera
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J. of Electronic Imaging, 17(3), 033015 (2008). doi:10.1117/1.2952845
Motion blur is a result of finite acquisition time of practical cameras and the relative motion between the camera and moving objects. We present a method for speed measurement of spherical objects using motion blurred images captured by a digital camera. The object is assumed under a straight line uniform-velocity motion, and the speed is calculated according to the imaging geometry and blur extent estimates. We have established a link between the motion blur information of a 2-D image and the speed information of a moving object. Experimental results are presented for the real-scene images.
Huei-Yung Lin, Chia-Hong Chang, "Speed measurement of spherical objects using an off-the-shelf digital camera," Journal of Electronic Imaging 17(3), 033015 (1 July 2008). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.2952845


Spherical lenses

Motion estimation

Digital cameras

Camera shutters

Motion measurement

CCD cameras


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