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1 January 2011 Higher order singular value decomposition of tensors for fusion of registered images
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This paper describes a computational method using tensor math for higher order singular value decomposition (HOSVD) of registered images. Tensor decomposition is a rigorous way to expose structure embedded in multidimensional datasets. Given a dataset of registered 2-D images, the dataset is represented in tensor format and HOSVD of the tensor is computed to obtain a set of 2-D basis images. The basis images constitute a linear decomposition of the original dataset. HOSVD is data-driven and does not require the user to select parameters or assign thresholds. A specific application uses the basis images for pixel-level fusion of registered images into a single image for visualization. The fusion is optimized with respect to a measure of mean squared error. HOSVD and image fusion are illustrated empirically with four real datasets: (1) visible and infrared data of a natural scene, (2) MRI and x ray CT brain images, and in nondestructive testing (3) x ray, ultrasound, and eddy current images, and (4) x ray, ultrasound, and shearography images.
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Michael G. Thomason and Jens Gregor "Higher order singular value decomposition of tensors for fusion of registered images," Journal of Electronic Imaging 20(1), 013023 (1 January 2011).
Published: 1 January 2011


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