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1 April 2011 Color rolling suppression algorithm considering luminance and color constancy
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When a digital image sequence is sampled with a periodically emitting light source, the color rolling (CR) phenomenon occurs, which is shown by periodical variations of color and luminance values. In conventional CR suppression (CRS) methods, color variation has been reduced by using auto white balance methods. However, the CR phenomenon still appears in the resulting image sequences due to interfield illuminant intensity variation. In the proposed CRS method, the interfield luminance and color variations are simultaneously suppressed by estimating the illuminant change between the current and the target fields. In order to consider the object motions, a motion detection technique is used to estimate the luminance changes that occurred due to the CR phenomenon. Moreover, the illuminant color is estimated using the CR achromatic color distribution in the chromaticity space which is founded on the periodicity of the CR phenomenon. Based on the motion detection and the achromatic color detection techniques, the illuminant is estimated using the obtained color components in a common area of both static and achromatic regions. The experimental results demonstrate that our strategy efficiently suppresses the CR phenomenon without being affected by moving objects and produces luminance and color constant image sequences.
©(2011) Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)
Hyun Mook Oh, Joonyoung Chang, Bong Hyup Kang, and Moon Gi Kang "Color rolling suppression algorithm considering luminance and color constancy," Journal of Electronic Imaging 20(2), 023009 (1 April 2011).
Published: 1 April 2011

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