27 February 2012 Stereo-video inpainting
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As the production of stereoscopic content increases, so does the need for post-production tools for that content. Video inpainting has become an important tool for rig removal, but there has been little consideration of the problem in stereo. We present an algorithm for stereo-video inpainting that builds on existing exemplar-based video completion and also considers the issues of view consistency. Given user-selected regions in the sequence, which may be in the same location in several frames and in both views, the objective is to fill in this area using all the available picture information. Existing algorithms lack temporal consistency, causing flickering and other artifacts. We explore the use of long-term picture information across many frames in order to achieve temporal consistency at the same time as exploiting inter-view dependencies within the same framework.
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Felix Raimbault, Felix Raimbault, Anil C. Kokaram, Anil C. Kokaram, } "Stereo-video inpainting," Journal of Electronic Imaging 21(1), 011005 (27 February 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.21.1.011005 . Submission:

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