22 February 2012 Improved similarity measure-based graph embedding for face recognition
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We propose an improved similarity measure (ISM) and apply it to the existing graph embedding (GE) framework to derive a new improved similarity measure-based graph embedding (ISM-GE) method for face recognition. Our work is motivated by the fact that both the Euclidean metric and the correlation metric are useful and effective for characterizing the similarity of face samples, and we combine these two metrics to form a new ISM to measure the similarity of face samples. We further utilize the proposed ISM in the existing GE framework and develop a new ISM-GE method for face feature extraction and recognition. Experimental results on two widely used face databases demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method.
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Yongxin Ge, Yongxin Ge, Dan Yang, Dan Yang, Xiaohong Zhang, Xiaohong Zhang, Jiwen Lu, Jiwen Lu, } "Improved similarity measure-based graph embedding for face recognition," Journal of Electronic Imaging 21(1), 013002 (22 February 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.21.1.013002 . Submission:


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