8 March 2012 Color-histogram-based tracking at 2000 fps
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A high-speed vision system can be applied to color-histogram-based tracking at 2000 fps by hardware-implementing an improved CamShift algorithm. In the improved CamShift algorithm, the size, position, and orientation of a color-patterned object to be tracked in an image can be simultaneously extracted using only the hardware implementation of a color-histogram circuit module for calculating moment features of binary images quantized by 16 hue-based color bins. By hardware-implementing color-histogram circuit modules on a high-speed vision platform, IDP Express, the improved CamShift algorithm enables color-histogram-based tracking at 2000 fps for 512×511 pixel images in real-time. By installing our tracking system on a two-axis mechanical active vision system, we demonstrate the effectiveness of 2000 fps color-histogram-based tracking by performing several experiments of color-patterned objects, which are always tracked in the camera views even when they move rapidly under complicated backgrounds.
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Idaku Ishii, Idaku Ishii, Tetsuro Tatebe, Tetsuro Tatebe, Qingyi Gu, Qingyi Gu, Takeshi Takaki, Takeshi Takaki, } "Color-histogram-based tracking at 2000 fps," Journal of Electronic Imaging 21(1), 013010 (8 March 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.21.1.013010 . Submission:

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