22 June 2012 Evaluation of feature descriptors for texture classification
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Successful execution of tasks such as image classification, object detection and recognition, and scene classification depends on the definition of a set of features able to describe images effectively. Texture is among the features used by the human visual system. It provides information regarding spatial distribution, changes in brightness, and description regarding the structural arrangement of surfaces. However, although the visual human system is extremely accurate to recognize and describe textures, it is difficult to define a set of textural descriptors to be used in image analysis on different application domains. This work evaluates several texture descriptors and demonstrates that the combination of descriptors can improve the performance of texture classification.
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William R. Schwartz, William R. Schwartz, Fernando R. de Siqueira, Fernando R. de Siqueira, Helio Pedrini, Helio Pedrini, } "Evaluation of feature descriptors for texture classification," Journal of Electronic Imaging 21(2), 023016 (22 June 2012). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.21.2.023016 . Submission:

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