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25 September 2012 Fundamental techniques for resolution enhancement of average subsampled images
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Although single image resolution enhancement, otherwise known as super-resolution, is widely regarded as an ill-posed inverse problem, we re-examine the fundamental relationship between a high-resolution (HR) image acquisition module and its low-resolution (LR) counterpart. Analysis shows that partial HR information is attenuated but still exists, in its LR version, through the fundamental averaging-and-subsampling process. As a result, we propose a modified Laplacian filter (MLF) and an intensity correction process (ICP) as the pre and post process, respectively, with an interpolation algorithm to partially restore the attenuated information in a super-resolution (SR) enhanced image image. Experiments show that the proposed MLF and ICP provide significant and consistent quality improvements on all 10 test images with three well known interpolation methods including bilinear, bi-cubic, and the SR graphical user interface program provided by Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne. The proposed MLF and ICP are simple in implementation and generally applicable to all average-subsampled LR images. MLF and ICP, separately or together, can be integrated into most interpolation methods that attempt to restore the original HR contents. Finally, the idea of MLF and ICP can also be applied for average, subsampled one-dimensional signal.
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Day-Fann Shen and Chui-Wen Chiu "Fundamental techniques for resolution enhancement of average subsampled images," Journal of Electronic Imaging 21(3), 033027 (25 September 2012).
Published: 25 September 2012

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