3 January 2013 Software architecture for time-constrained machine vision applications
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Real-time image and video processing applications require skilled architects, and recent trends in the hardware platform make the design and implementation of these applications increasingly complex. Many frameworks and libraries have been proposed or commercialized to simplify the design and tuning of real-time image processing applications. However, they tend to lack flexibility, because they are normally oriented toward particular types of applications, or they impose specific data processing models such as the pipeline. Other issues include large memory footprints, difficulty for reuse, and inefficient execution on multicore processors. We present a novel software architecture for time-constrained machine vision applications that addresses these issues. The architecture is divided into three layers. The platform abstraction layer provides a high-level application programming interface for the rest of the architecture. The messaging layer provides a message-passing interface based on a dynamic publish/subscribe pattern. A topic-based filtering in which messages are published to topics is used to route the messages from the publishers to the subscribers interested in a particular type of message. The application layer provides a repository for reusable application modules designed for machine vision applications. These modules, which include acquisition, visualization, communication, user interface, and data processing, take advantage of the power of well-known libraries such as OpenCV, Intel IPP, or CUDA. Finally, the proposed architecture is applied to a real machine vision application: a jam detector for steel pickling lines.
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Rubén Usamentiaga, Rubén Usamentiaga, Julio Molleda, Julio Molleda, Daniel F. Garcia, Daniel F. Garcia, Francisco G. Bulnes, Francisco G. Bulnes, } "Software architecture for time-constrained machine vision applications," Journal of Electronic Imaging 22(1), 013001 (3 January 2013). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.22.1.013001 . Submission:

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