Journal of Electronic Imaging
VOL. 23 · NO. 1 | January 2014
JEI Letters
Youngjo Kim, Juwon Byun, Jaeseok Kim
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 010501 (12 February 2014)
TOPICS: Computer programming, Video coding, Video compression, Standards development, Video, Performance modeling, Electronics engineering, Video processing, Clocks, Quantization
Isaac Amidror, Roger Hersch
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 010801 (20 January 2014)
TOPICS: Convolution, Signal processing, Printing, Fourier transforms, Visible radiation, Smoothing, 3D printing, Patents, Modulation, Digital imaging
Special Section on Stereoscopic Displays and Applications
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011001 (4 March 2014)
TOPICS: Stereoscopic displays, LCDs, Autostereoscopic displays, Visualization, Video, Televisions, Optical design, Optical components, Analytical research, Light sources
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011002 (30 January 2014)
TOPICS: Eye, Light sources, Autostereoscopic displays, Optical simulations, Monochromatic aberrations, LCDs, Diffusers, Image resolution, Autostereoscopy, Light
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011003 (29 January 2014)
TOPICS: Visualization, Video, Algorithm development, 3D displays, Image quality, Stereoscopic displays, Visual analytics, Spatial frequencies, Information fusion, Safety
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011004 (29 January 2014)
TOPICS: Cameras, Panoramic photography, Stereoscopic cameras, Sensors, Systems modeling, Imaging systems, 3D modeling, Mathematical modeling, Lenses, Roentgenium
Andrew Jones, Koki Nagano, Jing Liu, Jay Busch, Xueming Yu, Mark Bolas, Paul Debevec
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011005 (5 March 2014)
TOPICS: Projection systems, Video, 3D displays, 3D image processing, Spatial resolution, Mirrors, Diffusion, Distortion, Photography, Diffusers
Mikko Kytö, Aleksi Mäkinen, Timo Tossavainen, Pirkko Oittinen
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011006 (5 March 2014)
TOPICS: Head-mounted displays, Visualization, Video, Error analysis, Augmented reality, Cameras, Eye, Head, Rods, X-rays
Björn Sommer, Christian Bender, Tobias Hoppe, Chrstian Gamroth, Lukas Jelonek
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 011007 (5 March 2014)
TOPICS: Visualization, Eye, Java, 3D modeling, Solid modeling, Stereoscopic cameras, Computing systems, Molecules, Eye models, 3D image processing
Regular Articles
Sung-Hoon Park, Tai-Wook Kim, Jeong-Ho Lee, Heui Jae Pahk
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013001 (2 January 2014)
TOPICS: Tomography, Critical dimension metrology, Thin films, Transistors, LCDs, Coherence (optics), Imaging systems, Visibility, Fused deposition modeling, Overlay metrology
Jing Dong, Yang Xia, Qifeng Yu, Ang Su, Wang Hou
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013002 (2 January 2014)
TOPICS: Video, Unmanned aerial vehicles, Motion estimation, Video surveillance, 3D modeling, 3D image processing, Motion models, Video processing, Algorithm development, Image processing
Jun Shi, Zhiguo Jiang, Danpei Zhao, Hao Feng, Chao Gao
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013003 (10 January 2014)
TOPICS: Feature selection, Databases, Autoregressive models, Matrices, Facial recognition systems, Principal component analysis, Chemical elements, Glasses, Chaos, Astronomical engineering
Vijayakumari Pushparaj, Ulaganathan Gurunathan, Banumathi Arumugam
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013004 (13 January 2014)
TOPICS: Teeth, Photography, Radiography, Databases, Phase modulation, Distance measurement, Image classification, Forensic science, Lithium, System identification
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013005 (13 January 2014)
TOPICS: Point spread functions, Data modeling, Imaging systems, Monochromatic aberrations, Ray tracing, Systems modeling, Performance modeling, Statistical modeling, Image sensors, Geometrical optics
Gabriele Simone, Giuseppe Audino, Ivar Farup, Fritz Albregtsen, Alessandro Rizzi
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013006 (17 January 2014)
TOPICS: Image processing, Image enhancement, Reflectivity, Image quality, Visualization, Visual process modeling, Human vision and color perception, Algorithm development, Image filtering, Colorimetry
Yuanzhi Cheng, Xin Hu, Yadong Wang, Jinke Wang, Shinichi Tamura
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013007 (21 January 2014)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Liver, Arteries, 3D image processing, Computed tomography, Image processing, Image filtering, Detection and tracking algorithms, Image processing algorithms and systems, Chest
Zhao Wei, Feng Tao, Wang Jun
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013008 (21 January 2014)
TOPICS: Filtering (signal processing), Super resolution, Lawrencium, Electronic filtering, Image processing, Image filtering, Reconstruction algorithms, Matrices, Point spread functions, Image quality
Youssef Chahir, Abderraouf Bouziane, Messaoud Mostefai, Adnan Al Alwani
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013009 (21 January 2014)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, Diffusion, Machine learning, Image processing algorithms and systems, Platinum, Algorithm development, Denoising, Feature extraction, Visualization, Databases
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013010 (28 January 2014)
TOPICS: Halftones, Digital watermarking, Stochastic processes, Binary data, Frequency modulation, Printing, Imaging systems, Spatial frequencies, Fermium, Amplitude modulation
Yue Zhao, Jianbo Su
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013011 (29 January 2014)
TOPICS: Detection and tracking algorithms, Binary data, Reconstruction algorithms, Sensors, Corner detection, Feature extraction, Image retrieval, Image processing, Edge detection, Image visualization
Dongxu Xu, Qiwei Lin, Xiaohui Dong
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013012 (4 February 2014)
TOPICS: Copper, Video coding, Computer programming, Oxygen, Algorithm development, Quantization, Video, Electronic imaging, Information science
Chien-Chun Yang, Mahesh Nagarajan, Markus Huber, Julio Carballido-Gamio, Jan Bauer, Thomas Baum, Felix Eckstein, Eva-Maria Lochmüller, Sharmila Majumdar, Thomas Link, Axel Wismüller
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013013 (4 February 2014)
TOPICS: Bone, Dual energy x-ray absorptiometry, Head, Feature extraction, Neck, Machine learning, Computed tomography, Tissues, Minerals, Performance modeling
Hao Zhang, Ruolin Wang, Wenjiang Liu, Mengtian Rong
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013014 (4 February 2014)
TOPICS: Neural networks, Evolutionary algorithms, Video, Image quality, Computer aided design, Visualization, Televisions, Semantic video, Convolution, Electronic imaging
Zhihui Li, Silong Peng, Xiyuan Hu, Xiaojing Xu
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013015 (4 February 2014)
TOPICS: Image deconvolution, Image restoration, Wavelets, Deconvolution, Error analysis, Stationary wavelet transform, Image analysis, Optimization (mathematics), Algorithm development, Statistical analysis
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013016 (4 February 2014)
TOPICS: Video, Distortion, Databases, Image filtering, Image quality, Visualization, Video compression, Motion models, Visual process modeling, Motion estimation
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013017 (6 February 2014)
TOPICS: X-rays, Breast, X-ray sources, Beam shaping, Mammography, Sensors, Modulation transfer functions, Computer simulations, Image quality, X-ray detectors
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013018 (6 February 2014)
TOPICS: Image quality, Image compression, Image filtering, Detection and tracking algorithms, Visualization, Edge detection, Image enhancement, Image processing, Quantization, Sensors
Kai Liu, Limin Luo, Zheng Kou
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013019 (6 February 2014)
TOPICS: Image fusion, Image processing, Diffusion, Principal component analysis, Medical imaging, Image quality, Denoising, Discrete wavelet transforms, Visualization, Information visualization
Shen-Chuan Tai, Tse-Ming Kuo, Hong-Je Chen
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013020 (12 February 2014)
TOPICS: Super resolution, Image enhancement, Digital filtering, Fractal analysis, Image filtering, Image processing, Edge detection, Lawrencium, Image resolution, Spatial filters
Thomas Vogelsang, David Stork, Michael Guidash
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013021 (13 February 2014)
TOPICS: Sensors, Image sensors, Binary data, Signal to noise ratio, Electrons, Monte Carlo methods, Cameras, High dynamic range imaging, Statistical modeling, Photodetectors
Seongtae Kang, Jeongjin Lee, Ho Chul Kang, Juneseuk Shin, Yeong-Gil Shin
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013022 (14 February 2014)
TOPICS: Data modeling, Nondestructive evaluation, Metals, Visualization, 3D modeling, Inspection, Computed tomography, X-ray computed tomography, Opacity, 3D image processing
Xiangdong Chen, Gwanggil Jeon, Jechang Jeong, Liwen He
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013023 (14 February 2014)
TOPICS: Digital filtering, Image filtering, Image quality, Gaussian filters, Visualization, Video, Televisions, Image enhancement, Mathematical modeling, Denoising
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013024 (18 February 2014)
TOPICS: Image segmentation, RGB color model, Image processing, Color image segmentation, Databases, Nonlinear filtering, Image retrieval, Visual system, Linear filtering, Image processing algorithms and systems
Wenxiang Li, Tao Zhang, Ran Wang, Yan Zhang
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013025 (18 February 2014)
TOPICS: Steganography, Databases, Steganalysis, Error analysis, Image analysis, Statistical analysis, Lithium, Image processing, Detection and tracking algorithms, Data hiding
Abdeslam Hmimid, Mhamed Sayyouri, Hassan Qjidaa
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013026 (18 February 2014)
TOPICS: Image classification, Binary data, Databases, Direct methods, Pattern recognition, Image restoration, Image processing, Error analysis, Image analysis, Intelligence systems
Wei Zhu, Yayu Zheng, Peng Chen, Jiani Xie
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013027 (19 February 2014)
TOPICS: Computer programming, Video coding, Video, Distortion, Motion estimation, Optimization (mathematics), 3D displays, Quantization, Roads, Televisions
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013028 (21 February 2014)
TOPICS: Cameras, Calibration, Line scan image sensors, Distortion, Image fusion, Image segmentation, Sensors, 3D modeling, Inspection, Motion models
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013029 (26 February 2014)
TOPICS: Cameras, Particles, Particle filters, Imaging systems, Filtering (signal processing), Optical filters, Feature extraction, Electronic filtering, Autoregressive models, Video
Thien Phan, Siddharth Shah, Damon Chandler, Sohum Sohoni
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013030 (26 February 2014)
TOPICS: Image quality, Image filtering, Distortion, Image analysis, Statistical analysis, C++, Image processing, Visualization, Image compression, Algorithm development
Hermilo Sanchez-Cruz, Hiram Lopez-Valdez
J. Electron. Imag. 23(1), 013031 (28 February 2014)
TOPICS: Voltage controlled current source, Binary data, Atrial fibrillation, Image processing, Pattern recognition, Image compression, Image resolution, Electronic imaging, Mirrors, Pixel resolution
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