1 May 2014 Multiview image rectification algorithm for parallel camera arrays
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An algorithm for multiview images captured by a parallel multicamera array is presented. An ergodic method is proposed for tracing the ideal rotation matrix and the preferred locations of the optical centers. Moreover, the camera’s intrinsic parameters are optimized in order to obtain the ideal projection matrix from which the image rectifying transform matrix (IRTM) is further derived. Then, the multiview image is rectified based on the IRTM. Experimental results show that this proposed algorithm dramatically improves accuracy. Moreover, the robustness of this algorithm is superior to the robustness of the previous method.
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Jiachen Yang, Jiachen Yang, Zhiyong Ding, Zhiyong Ding, Fei Guo, Fei Guo, Huogen Wang, Huogen Wang, } "Multiview image rectification algorithm for parallel camera arrays," Journal of Electronic Imaging 23(3), 033001 (1 May 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.23.3.033001 . Submission:

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