15 December 2014 Adaptive classification of hyperspectral images using local consistency
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A spatial method of multistructure sampling based rotation-invariant uniform local binary pattern (named MsLBPriu2) for classification of hyperspectral images is proposed. This method exploits the local property (micro-/macrostructure) of local image patches encoded in the classifier by considering a local neighboring structure around each central pixel and can well suppress the difference of rotational textures for each multicluster class. The proposed method is simple yet efficient for extracting isotropic and anisotropic spatial features from local image patches via different extended sampling on circular regions and elliptical ones with four different rotational angles. Furthermore, the rotation-invariant characteristic of extracted isotropic features is achieved by the inclusion of a rotation-invariant uniform LBP operator. Moreover, the proposed method becomes more robust with respect to the within-class variation. Finally, different classifiers, support vector machine, K-nearest neighbor, and linear discriminant analysis, are compared to evaluate MsLBPriu2 and other feature sets/entropy-based query-by-bagging active learning. We demonstrate the performance of our approach on four different hyperspectral remote sensing images. Experimental results show that the new set of reduced spatial features has a better performance than a variety of state-of-the-art classification algorithms.
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Xiaoyong Bian, Xiaoyong Bian, Xiaolong Zhang, Xiaolong Zhang, Renfeng Liu, Renfeng Liu, Li Ma, Li Ma, Xiaowei Fu, Xiaowei Fu, } "Adaptive classification of hyperspectral images using local consistency," Journal of Electronic Imaging 23(6), 063014 (15 December 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.23.6.063014 . Submission:

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