27 May 2015 RGB-D depth-map restoration using smooth depth neighborhood supports
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A method to restore the depth map of an RGB-D image using smooth depth neighborhood (SDN) supports is presented. The SDN supports are computed based on the corresponding color image of the depth map. Compared with the most widely used square supports, the proposed SDN supports can well-capture the local structure of the object. Only pixels with similar depth values are allowed to be included in the support. We combine our SDN supports with the joint bilateral filter (JBF) to form the SDN-JBF and use it to restore depth maps. Experimental results show that our SDN-JBF can not only rectify the misaligned depth pixels but also preserve sharp depth discontinuities.
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Wei Liu, Wei Liu, Haoyang Xue, Haoyang Xue, Zhongjie Yu, Zhongjie Yu, Qiang Wu, Qiang Wu, Jie Yang, Jie Yang, } "RGB-D depth-map restoration using smooth depth neighborhood supports," Journal of Electronic Imaging 24(3), 033015 (27 May 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.24.3.033015 . Submission:

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