15 October 2015 Quantum signal processing-based visual cryptography with unexpanded shares
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This paper proposes a visual cryptography scheme (VCS) based on quantum signal processing (QSP). VCS is an image encryption technique that is very simple in formulation and is secure. In (k,n)-VCS, a secret binary image is encoded into n share images and minimum k shares are needed to decrypt the secret image. The efforts to encrypt a grayscale image are few in number and the majority are related to grayscale to binary conversion. Thus, a generalized approach of encryption for all types of images, i.e., binary, gray, and color is needed. Here, a generic VCS is proposed based on QSP where all types of images can be encrypted without pixel expansion along with a smoothing technique to enhance the quality of the decrypted image. The proposed scheme is tested and compared for benchmark images, and the result shows the effectiveness of the scheme.
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Surya Sarathi Das, Surya Sarathi Das, Kaushik Das Sharma, Kaushik Das Sharma, Jayanta K. Chandra, Jayanta K. Chandra, Jitendra Nath Bera, Jitendra Nath Bera, } "Quantum signal processing-based visual cryptography with unexpanded shares," Journal of Electronic Imaging 24(5), 053026 (15 October 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.24.5.053026 . Submission:

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