23 March 2016 Multiview road sign detection via self-adaptive color model and shape context matching
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The multiview appearance of road signs in uncontrolled environments has made the detection of road signs a challenging problem in computer vision. We propose a road sign detection method to detect multiview road signs. This method is based on several algorithms, including the classical cascaded detector, the self-adaptive weighted Gaussian color model (SW-Gaussian model), and a shape context matching method. The classical cascaded detector is used to detect the frontal road signs in video sequences and obtain the parameters for the SW-Gaussian model. The proposed SW-Gaussian model combines the two-dimensional Gaussian model and the normalized red channel together, which can largely enhance the contrast between the red signs and background. The proposed shape context matching method can match shapes with big noise, which is utilized to detect road signs in different directions. The experimental results show that compared with previous detection methods, the proposed multiview detection method can reach higher detection rate in detecting signs with different directions.
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Chunsheng Liu, Chunsheng Liu, Faliang Chang, Faliang Chang, Chengyun Liu, Chengyun Liu, } "Multiview road sign detection via self-adaptive color model and shape context matching," Journal of Electronic Imaging 25(5), 051202 (23 March 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.25.5.051202 . Submission:


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