22 December 2016 Defocus cue and saliency preserving video compression
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There are monocular depth cues present in images or videos that aid in depth perception in two-dimensional images or videos. Our objective is to preserve the defocus depth cue present in the videos along with the salient regions during compression application. A method is provided for opportunistic bit allocation during the video compression using visual saliency information comprising both the image features, such as color and contrast, and the defocus-based depth cue. The method is divided into two steps: saliency computation followed by compression. A nonlinear method is used to combine pure and defocus saliency maps to form the final saliency map. Then quantization values are assigned on the basis of these saliency values over a frame. The experimental results show that the proposed scheme yields good results over standard H.264 compression as well as pure and defocus saliency methods.
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Meera Thapar Khanna, Meera Thapar Khanna, Santanu Chaudhury, Santanu Chaudhury, Brejesh Lall, Brejesh Lall, } "Defocus cue and saliency preserving video compression," Journal of Electronic Imaging 25(6), 061626 (22 December 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.25.6.061626 . Submission: Received: 4 April 2016; Accepted: 29 November 2016
Received: 4 April 2016; Accepted: 29 November 2016; Published: 22 December 2016

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