17 November 2016 Lining seam elimination algorithm and surface crack detection in concrete tunnel lining
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Due to the particularity of the surface of concrete tunnel lining and the diversity of detection environments such as uneven illumination, smudges, localized rock falls, water leakage, and the inherent seams of the lining structure, existing crack detection algorithms cannot detect real cracks accurately. This paper proposed an algorithm that combines lining seam elimination with the improved percolation detection algorithm based on grid cell analysis for surface crack detection in concrete tunnel lining. First, check the characteristics of pixels within the overlapping grid to remove the background noise and generate the percolation seed map (PSM). Second, cracks are detected based on the PSM by the accelerated percolation algorithm so that the fracture unit areas can be scanned and connected. Finally, the real surface cracks in concrete tunnel lining can be obtained by removing the lining seam and performing percolation denoising. Experimental results show that the proposed algorithm can accurately, quickly, and effectively detect the real surface cracks. Furthermore, it can fill the gap in the existing concrete tunnel lining surface crack detection by removing the lining seam.
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Zhong Qu, Zhong Qu, Ling Bai, Ling Bai, Shi-Quan An, Shi-Quan An, Fang-Rong Ju, Fang-Rong Ju, Ling Liu, Ling Liu, } "Lining seam elimination algorithm and surface crack detection in concrete tunnel lining," Journal of Electronic Imaging 25(6), 063004 (17 November 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.25.6.063004 . Submission:


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