18 October 2016 Nondestructive pigment size detection method of mineral paint film based on image texture
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The existing methods—such as sieving, microscope, light scattering, sedimentation, and electrical induction for pigment size detection—require sampling or scattering the mineral pigments, which will inevitably cause damage to the films painted by mineral pigments. A new detection method based on run length texture analysis is proposed to nondestructively detect the pigment size in the mineral paint film. The films painted by mineral pigments with preknown pigment sizes are contactlessly captured by CCD microscope under diffused light. Gray transform, histogram equalization, and median filtering are implemented to preprocess the captured images, and then the run length texture parameters are extracted from the preprocessed images. A parametric relationship between the extracted parameters and the preknown size is established to predict the pigment size in mineral paint film nondestructively. Burnt carnelian is selected as the sample to verify the feasibility of the proposed method. Results show that the max detection error of the proposed method is 5.548  μm and can be applied to the size detection of the mineral pigments used in mineral paint film.
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Wenfeng Zhu, Wenfeng Zhu, Xiaoxia Wan, Xiaoxia Wan, Junfeng Li, Junfeng Li, Chan Li, Chan Li, Guonian Jin, Guonian Jin, Qiang Liu, Qiang Liu, } "Nondestructive pigment size detection method of mineral paint film based on image texture," Journal of Electronic Imaging 26(1), 011002 (18 October 2016). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.26.1.011002 . Submission:

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