23 March 2018 Robust visual tracking using a contextual boosting approach
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In recent years, detection-based image trackers have been gaining ground rapidly, thanks to its capacity of incorporating a variety of image features. Nevertheless, its tracking performance might be compromised if background regions are mislabeled as foreground in the training process. To resolve this problem, we propose an online visual tracking algorithm designated to improving the training label accuracy in the learning phase. In the proposed method, superpixels are used as samples, and their ambiguous labels are reassigned in accordance with both prior estimation and contextual information. The location and scale of the target are usually determined by confidence map, which is doomed to shrink since background regions are always incorporated into the bounding box. To address this dilemma, we propose a cross projection scheme via projecting the confidence map for target detecting. Moreover, the performance of the proposed tracker can be further improved by adding rigid-structured information. The proposed method is evaluated on the basis of the OTB benchmark and the VOT2016 benchmark. Compared with other trackers, the results appear to be competitive.
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Wanyue Jiang, Wanyue Jiang, Yin Wang, Yin Wang, Daobo Wang, Daobo Wang, } "Robust visual tracking using a contextual boosting approach," Journal of Electronic Imaging 27(2), 023012 (23 March 2018). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.27.2.023012 . Submission: Received: 20 September 2017; Accepted: 2 March 2018
Received: 20 September 2017; Accepted: 2 March 2018; Published: 23 March 2018

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