26 April 2018 Secure image retrieval with multiple keys
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This article proposes a secure image retrieval scheme under a multiuser scenario. In this scheme, the owner first encrypts and uploads images and their corresponding features to the cloud; then, the user submits the encrypted feature of the query image to the cloud; next, the cloud compares the encrypted features and returns encrypted images with similar content to the user. To find the nearest neighbor in the encrypted features, an encryption with multiple keys is proposed, in which the query feature of each user is encrypted by his/her own key. To improve the key security and space utilization, global optimization and Gaussian distribution are, respectively, employed to generate multiple keys. The experiments show that the proposed encryption can provide effective and secure image retrieval for each user and ensure confidentiality of the query feature of each user.
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Haihua Liang, Xinpeng Zhang, Qiuhan Wei, Hang Cheng, "Secure image retrieval with multiple keys," Journal of Electronic Imaging 27(2), 023032 (26 April 2018). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.27.2.023032 Submission: Received 4 December 2017; Accepted 3 April 2018
Submission: Received 4 December 2017; Accepted 3 April 2018

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