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14 August 2018 Color image watermarking using a discrete trinion Fourier transform
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A discrete trinion Fourier transform (DTFT) is proposed and computation of the DTFT is derived from the discrete Fourier transform. A block-based color image watermarking scheme is designed based on the proposed DTFT. The watermark bits are embedded by modifying the DTFT coefficients of each block by means of the quantization index modulation method. Finally, assessment of this watermarking approach is performed in terms of watermark capacity, invisibility, and robustness. A comparison with a quaternion discrete Fourier transform is also provided. Experimental results show that the proposed method is not only more robust in most standard attack situations, but also has superior time efficiency.
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Xilin Liu, Yongfei Wu, Zhuhong Shao, Jiasong Wu, and Huazhong Shu "Color image watermarking using a discrete trinion Fourier transform," Journal of Electronic Imaging 27(4), 043046 (14 August 2018).
Received: 22 April 2018; Accepted: 25 July 2018; Published: 14 August 2018

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