15 May 2018 Low cost rototranslational video stabilization algorithm
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To avoid grabbing the unintentional user motion in a video sequence, video stabilization techniques are used to obtain better-looking video for the final user. We present a low power rototranslational solution, extending our previous work specifically addressed for translational motion only. The proposed technique achieves a high degree of robustness with respect to common difficult conditions like noise perturbations, illumination changes, and motion blurring. Moreover, it is also able to cope with regular patterns, moving objects and it is very precise, reaching about 7% of improvement in jitter attenuation, compared to previous results. Overall performances are competitive also in terms of computational cost: it runs at more than 30  frames  /  s with VGA sequences, with a CPU ARM926EJ-S at just 100 MHz clock frequency.
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Giuseppe Spampinato, Giuseppe Spampinato, Arcangelo R. Bruna, Arcangelo R. Bruna, Sebastiano Battiato, Sebastiano Battiato, Giovanni Puglisi, Giovanni Puglisi, "Low cost rototranslational video stabilization algorithm," Journal of Electronic Imaging 27(5), 051224 (15 May 2018). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JEI.27.5.051224 . Submission: Received: 12 January 2018; Accepted: 24 April 2018
Received: 12 January 2018; Accepted: 24 April 2018; Published: 15 May 2018


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