1 January 1996 Restoration of images scanned in the presence of vibrations
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Images scanned in the presence of mechanical vibration are subject to artifacts such as brightness fluctuation and geometric warping. The goal of the present study is to characterize these distortions and develop a restoration algorithm to invert them, hence producing an output digital image consistent with a scanner operating under ideal uniform motion conditions. The image restoration algorithm described in this paper makes use of the instantaneous velocity of the linear sensor array to reconstruct an underlying piecewise constant or piece-wise linear model of the image irradiance profile. That reconstructed image is then suitable for resampling under ideal scanning conditions to produce the restored output digital image. We demonstrate the algorithm on simulated scanned imagery with typical operating parameters.
George Wolberg, George Wolberg, Robert P. Loce, Robert P. Loce, } "Restoration of images scanned in the presence of vibrations," Journal of Electronic Imaging 5(1), (1 January 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.229049 . Submission:

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