1 July 1996 Morphological scale-space preserving transforms in many dimensions
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The theory of an image decomposition that we refer to as a sieve is developed for images defined in any finite number of dimensions. The decomposition has many desirable properties including the preservation of scale-space causality and the localization of sharp-edged objects in the transformation domain. The decomposition has the additional properties of manipulability, which means that it is easy to construct pattern recognition systems, and scale-calibration, which means that it may be used for accurate measurement.
J. Andrew Bangham, Richard W. Harvey, Paul D. Ling, R. V. Aldridge, "Morphological scale-space preserving transforms in many dimensions," Journal of Electronic Imaging 5(3), (1 July 1996). https://doi.org/10.1117/12.243349 . Submission:

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