1 April 1998 Content based navigation from images
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J. of Electronic Imaging, 7(2), (1998). doi:10.1117/1.482643
Although content based retrieval of images is increasingly common, the use of media content as a basis for navigation has received relatively little attention. In this article we describe our recent development of facilities in the MAVIS/Microcosm architecture for generic link authoring and following from nontext media, and in particular, the use of shape and texture for content based navigation from images. Applications from a product catalog and an archeological collection are presented, together with an outline of an image viewer providing rapid delineation of object shapes in images when authoring or following links. The current relationship between Microcosm and the World Wide Web is summarized and the performance of the MAVIS/Microcosm system is described.
Paul H. Lewis, Joseph K. P. Kuan, Stephen T. Perry, Mark R. Dobie, Hugh C. Davis, Wendy Hall, "Content based navigation from images," Journal of Electronic Imaging 7(2), (1 April 1998). http://dx.doi.org/10.1117/1.482643


Image segmentation


Image retrieval

Navigation systems

Image processing

Image processing algorithms and systems

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