1 January 1999 Lean domain pools for fractal image compression
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In fractal image compression an image is partitioned into ranges for each of which a similar subimage, called domain, is selected from a pool of subimages. However, only a fraction of this large pool is actually used in the fractal code. This subset can be characterized in two related ways: (1) It contains domains with relatively large intensity variation. (2) The collection of used domains is localized in those image regions that show a high degree of structure. Both observations lead to improvements of fractal image compression. First, we accelerate the encoding process by a priori discarding the low variance domains from the pool that are unlikely to be chosen for the fractal code. Second, the localization of the domains may be exploited for an improved encoding of the domain indices, in effect raising the compression ratio. When considering the performance of a variable rate fractal quadtree encoder we found that a speedup by a factor of 2–3 does not degrade the ratedistortion curve ranging from compression ratio 5 up to 30.
Dietmar Saupe, Dietmar Saupe, } "Lean domain pools for fractal image compression," Journal of Electronic Imaging 8(1), (1 January 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.482688 . Submission:

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