1 April 1999 Partially correlated minimum visibility halftone patterns for digital printers
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A method to halftone an image using a set of dither bitmaps designed to minimize the visibility of halftone patterns is reported. These dither bitmaps for different gray levels are partially correlated with each other with an associated correlation interval. As a result, the halftone patterns for each gray level are more optimal than those associated with the fully correlated dither bitmap techniques, without the introduction of objectionable artifacts that are associated with the fully uncorrelated dither bitmaps approach. Implementation details are given as well as the experimental results.
Qing Yu, Qing Yu, Kevin E. Spaulding, Kevin E. Spaulding, Rodney L. Miller, Rodney L. Miller, } "Partially correlated minimum visibility halftone patterns for digital printers," Journal of Electronic Imaging 8(2), (1 April 1999). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.482693 . Submission:

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