1 July 2000 Global-local-global method for logical structure extraction of form document imaging
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Many methods on form document image analysis have been proposed, but only a few of them have treated the extraction of logical structure. A new method called global-local-global (GLG) method for the logical structure extraction of a form document is proposed in this paper. Its algorithm consists of three phases: global division, local logical structure analysis, and global redivision of the whole document. GLG method emphasizes the global layout structure analysis and has a high accuracy. It is robust for treating with the accidental direct adjacent relationship between two unrelated cells. In addition, a logical structure tree is proposed to represent the logical structure of a form document.
Hong Zhao, Hong Zhao, Bing Liu, Bing Liu, Zao Jiang, Zao Jiang, Tobias Ostgathe, Tobias Ostgathe, } "Global-local-global method for logical structure extraction of form document imaging," Journal of Electronic Imaging 9(3), (1 July 2000). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.482746 . Submission:

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