25 November 2014 Automated speckle tracking algorithm to aid on-axis imaging in echocardiography
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Obtaining a “correct” view in echocardiography is a subjective process in which an operator attempts to obtain images conforming to consensus standard views. Real-time objective quantification of image alignment may assist less experienced operators, but no reliable index yet exists. We present a fully automated algorithm for detecting incorrect medial/lateral translation of an ultrasound probe by image analysis. The ability of the algorithm to distinguish optimal from sub-optimal four-chamber images was compared to that of specialists—the current “gold-standard.” The orientation assessments produced by the automated algorithm correlated well with consensus visual assessments of the specialists (r=0.87) and compared favourably with the correlation between individual specialists and the consensus, 0.82±0.09. Each individual specialist’s assessments were within the consensus of other specialists, 75±14% of the time, and the algorithm’s assessments were within the consensus of specialists 85% of the time. The mean discrepancy in probe translation values between individual specialists and their consensus was 0.97±0.87  cm, and between the automated algorithm and specialists’ consensus was 0.92±0.70  cm. This technology could be incorporated into hardware to provide real-time guidance for image optimisation—a potentially valuable tool both for training and quality control.
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Niti M. Dhutia, Niti M. Dhutia, Graham D. Cole, Graham D. Cole, Massoud Zolgharni, Massoud Zolgharni, Charlotte H. Manisty, Charlotte H. Manisty, Keith Willson, Keith Willson, Kim H. Parker, Kim H. Parker, Alun J. Hughes, Alun J. Hughes, Darrel P. Francis, Darrel P. Francis, } "Automated speckle tracking algorithm to aid on-axis imaging in echocardiography," Journal of Medical Imaging 1(3), 037001 (25 November 2014). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMI.1.3.037001 . Submission:

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