10 December 2015 High-frequency ultrasound imaging for breast cancer biopsy guidance
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Image-guided core needle biopsy is the current gold standard for breast cancer diagnosis. Microcalcifications, an important radiographic finding on mammography suggestive of early breast cancer such as ductal carcinoma in situ, are usually biopsied under stereotactic guidance. This procedure, however, is uncomfortable for patients and requires the use of ionizing radiation. It would be preferable to biopsy microcalcifications under ultrasound guidance since it is a faster procedure, more comfortable for the patient, and requires no radiation. However, microcalcifications cannot reliably be detected with the current standard ultrasound imaging systems. This study is motivated by the clinical need for real-time high-resolution ultrasound imaging of microcalcifications, so that biopsies can be accurately performed under ultrasound guidance. We have investigated how high-frequency ultrasound imaging can enable visualization of microstructures in ex vivo breast tissue biopsy samples. We generated B-mode images of breast tissue and applied the Nakagami filtering technique to help refine image output so that microcalcifications could be better assessed during ultrasound-guided core biopsies. We describe the preliminary clinical results of high-frequency ultrasound imaging of ex vivo breast biopsy tissue with microcalcifications and without Nakagami filtering and the correlation of these images with the pathology examination by hematoxylin and eosin stain and whole slide digital scanning.
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Thomas Cummins, Thomas Cummins, Changhan Yoon, Changhan Yoon, Hojong Choi, Hojong Choi, Payam Eliahoo, Payam Eliahoo, Hyung Ham Kim, Hyung Ham Kim, Mary W. Yamashita, Mary W. Yamashita, Linda J. Hovanessian-Larsen, Linda J. Hovanessian-Larsen, Julie E. Lang, Julie E. Lang, Stephen F. Sener, Stephen F. Sener, John Vallone, John Vallone, Sue E. Martin, Sue E. Martin, K. Kirk Shung, K. Kirk Shung, } "High-frequency ultrasound imaging for breast cancer biopsy guidance," Journal of Medical Imaging 2(4), 047001 (10 December 2015). https://doi.org/10.1117/1.JMI.2.4.047001 . Submission:

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